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Motor Fleet Safety Manual, 5th Edition with CD

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Protect your motor fleet drivers with the fully-revised Motor Fleet Safety Manual, 5th Edition and companion CD Rom.


Protect your motor fleet drivers with the fully-revised Motor Fleet Safety Manual, 5th Edition and companion CD Rom. Reviewed by transportation industry experts, this comprehensive guide and reference text provides fleet safety managers with the most up-to-date safety research available, including five entirely new chapters on important emerging issues. The CD-ROM features the forms and checklists that appear in the book and are provided as PDF files that can be printed.

Five new chapters:

  • Driver Safety and Health Issues (sleep disorders and drug/alcohol testing)
  • Distracted Driving in the CMV
  • Fleet-Specific Issues (food service and emergency vehicles)
  • Fleet Insurance Issues
  • Affordable Solutions to Fleet Safety

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 Benefits of Incident Prevention

Chapter 2 Elements of a Fleet Safety Program

Chapter 3 Responsibilities of a Fleet Safety Director

Chapter 4 Driver Selection and Hiring

Chapter 5 Driver Safety and Health Issues

Chapter 6 Managing Distracted Driving in the Commercial Motor Vehicle

Chapter 7 Incident Investigation

Chapter 8 Injury and Illness Record Keeping and Analysis

Chapter 9 Motor Fleet Collision Data

Chapter 10 Employee Safety Program

Chapter 11 Driver Training

Chapter 12 Fleet Specific Issues

Chapter 13 Driver Supervision

Chapter 14 Incident Review Committees

Chapter 15 Fleet Purchase and Maintenance

Chapter 16 Fleet Insurance Issues

Chapter 17 Scattered Fleet Safety Leadership

Chapter 18 Job Safety Analysis

Chapter 19 Off-the-Job Safety Programs

Chapter 20 Affordable Solutions for Fleet Safety

Appendix A Skill Drills and Test Courses

Appendix B Work-Related Motor Vehicle Data Sources

Appendix C Bibliography and Additional Resources

Paperback: 432 Pages

Publisher: National Safety Council; 5th edition (September 2010)

Language: English

ISBN: 978-087912-299-7

Product Dimensions: 6x9 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.5 pounds

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