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Safety Barometer Express

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  • Safety Barometer Express
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The Safety Barometer Express is a quick, online-only survey of the overall health of your organization’s safety management system from the employee’s point of view. It is intended for organizations with 100 employees or less that want to use the standardized 50 agree/disagree questions on a 5-point scale from the Safety Barometer, but don’t require customization, subgroup analyses, or a detailed explanation of the survey results. It is the “click & go” version of the Safety Barometer, priced to meet the budget of smaller organizations that want to utilize leading and comprehensive indicator metrics to evaluate workplace safety.

Upon purchase, a pdf document with administration guidelines and detailed next steps is instantly downloadable. Within two business days of purchase, you will receive an email containing a unique and secure Safety Barometer Express survey link to be distributed at your company by you. Once the survey has been completed by the employees at your organization, NSC will deactivate the survey, download and tabulate the results, and email a concise results report within two weeks after online survey form deactivation.

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