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  • HeartStart Onsite Defibrillator Trainer - AED
Product Number: 732990000
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Empower your students by teaching them how to use the HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator to save lives.  


Empower your students by teaching them how to use the HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator to save lives.  The HeartStart AED Trainer simulates how the HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator will operate during a real-life cardiac arrest event.   Clear, confident voice instructions and preconfigured scenarios make training students easier and more rewarding. 

  • Voice instructions match those of the HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator.
  • Works with internal and external pads adapters, allowing the instructor to provide some or no clues toward pad placement; resulting in the most realistic training scenario.
  • Resembles the HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator, yet is sufficiently different to avoid inadvertent use in an actual emergency.
  • Training for both adult patients and children.
  • CPR coaching helps train students in adult and infant/child CPR.
  • Uses four standard AA cell batteries (not included) allowing you to manage training costs.

The AED Trainer includes: 

  • Nylon carry case
  • One set of reusable adult training pads
  • One External Manikin Adapter Strip

To place orders for AED products please contact (800) 621-7619. Product will be shipped within 48 hours of the order being processed.  

NSC Customers qualify for discounts up to 25% off!

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HeartStart Onsite Defibrillator - AED
Available without a prescription, the HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator is designed with innovative technology, based on extensive research and user feedback.

There is a discount on this product for NSC Members, First Aid Training Centers and First Aid Training Instructors. Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-621-7619 for preferred pricing.