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Product Number: 414003008


Sections: Accident potential, Types of equipment required, Crew composition and responsibilities, Equipment construction generator/alternator, Voltage and insulation thickness, Conductor size, Conductor type, Circuit breaker, Deadman switch, Electrodes, Grounding and bonding, General lighting requirements, Ground-fault circuit interrupters, Tank and aerator, Safety rails and decks, Boat and electrical control panel console, Exhaust from power source, Fuel storage, Warning signs, Safety and general precautions, Communication, Life vests, Dip net, Clothing and footwear, Labeling and color-coding of significant hazards, Hearing protection, Training of crew members, Operation checklist, Maintenance schedule, Warning, Design, Emergencies, Gauges, Refueling, Electrofishing restrictions, Private waters, Storms, Participants, Operations in the vicinity of other vessels

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Data Sheet 696
Rev. June 2005
9 pages

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